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Our school canteen operates Monday, Thursday and Friday for lunch orders and over the counter sales (snack time only).

Orders can be placed online up until 8.30am on the day required using the QKR app. (Cash orders are still accepted). Please place money in a paper bag with your child’s name, grade and order written clearly on the outside.

Orders are to be placed in the basket provided in each classroom at 9am.

The canteen can only be run at Mount Evelyn Primary School through the generous assistance of parent volunteers who help to fill lunch orders and sell snacks at the canteen window at snack time. If you are able to volunteer your time to assist in running the canteen, please contact Louise Alderman or Rose Russell (the Canteen Managers) through the school office. ​


Uniform can be purchased via the school office between 8.45 am and 4.15 pm every day of the week.

School Interviews

Maintaining communication with your child’s teacher is vital, right through their school years. We encourage you to communicate regularly with the class teacher to share information and discuss your child’s progress. This can be done before or after school, over the phone, through a letter or e-mail or by appointment. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our families.

Mount Evelyn Primary School Getting to know you Conferences – February

This conference is an opportunity for you to meet with the class teacher to share any specific academic, social or emotional needs that your child may have.

Mount Evelyn Primary School Three Way Conferences – July

This conference is an opportunity for you and your child to meet with the class teacher to celebrate successes and set learning goals for semester two.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you may send a note to school with the approximate times you require, or phone the school on 97362233. Interviews are strictly 10mins and spaces are limited. If you require more time, please contact your teacher directly to make alternative arrangements.

Student Wellbeing

Student Support Services

Our school seeks a high level of ‘differentiation’ (ie. personalisation) of learning in every classroom, in order to cater for the range of student skill levels in the Grade. We use a wide range of ‘diagnostic assessment tools’ so that we can be precise about individual learning needs. Once we know the current skill level of each student, be it in reading comprehension, numeracy skills, or whatever, we are in a position to plan the teaching strategies to be used. The range within a class is often responded to be creating small group activities, where different ‘skills’ groups are undertaking different learning tasks.

In spite of these efforts in every classroom, there is still, however, a need to cater for those who are in need of additional support. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development provides very limited funding for student language development issues, but at MEPS, we have ensured that a number of teachers and trained teaching assistants are especially focused upon the needs of these children.

In additional to individual and small group time provided by some of our most expert literacy teachers, we have children participating in a range of literacy programs such as Prep Phonological Awareness Program, Toe by Toe Reading intervention, Multi-Lit, Mini-Lit and Pre-Lit, which are specifically designed to support children with additional literacy needs.

MEPS also provides support through the Program for Students With Disabilities (PSD) and has specialist services delivered by both a School Psychologist (Guidance Officer) and a Speech Pathologist.

Out of School Hours Care

Security of Children

Hours of Operation

The Mount Evelyn Primary School Before, After & Vacation Care Program operates on site in the school grounds.

Hours of service:

  • 6.30 am – 8.45 am (Before School Program)
  • 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm (After School Program)
  • 6.30am – 6.30pm (Vacation Care Program) * All school holidays
  • 6.30am – 6.30pm (Curriculum Day Program)

(All three programs are closed on public holidays.)

OSHC Forms

Scan the QR code, or click on the link below for all information relating to MEPS OSHC forms and policies.











Enrolments & Bookings

Security of Children

For security reasons, only a parent/guardian or a person designated on the enrolment form as an emergency contact can collect the children.

Parents are required to accompany their children to the OSH Care area in the School Gym in the morning and collect them from there in the afternoon.

Parents must also sign their children in and out of the program.


Please refer to our Behavioral Expectations Policy.

Enrolments & Bookings

For children to attend the program, an enrolment form must be completed (we need one enrolment form for every child) by parents before the child attends.

A copy of your child/children’s immunization records must also be supplied to the service.

Bookings can be permanent or on a casual basis.

Enrolment forms and placements can be obtained and made from the OSHC office.

All bookings are closed in Term 4 and reopened in Term 1.

A new booking form will be available to parents in Term 4 to re submit your placement requirements. NO placements are carried through to the next year.

Cancellation of Bookings

Please refer to your Fees Policy included in your Parent Pack.

Childcare Subsidy

The Mount Evelyn Primary School Before, After School Care & Vacation Care Programs are approved Commonwealth funded programs and consequently parents using these programs can receive substantial fee relief through the Child Care Subsidy.

Any parent who would like to use the program and claim the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) needs to contact the Centrelink Office and complete a MyGov account and activity assessment. For further details contact MyGov on 132307.

Melissa Mc Donald
Before, After & Vacation Care Coordinator


Before School Care
Permanent Booking

Casual Booking


After School Care
Permanent Booking

Casual Booking

Payment of Fees

Please refer to your Fees Policy include in your Parent Pack.

All payments may be made to the OSHC Team.